1. Fine Arts Club
In March 2014, Ms. Cheng Tingting organized some students to take part in the 4th Xu Beihong International Youth & Children's Fine Art Competition. Three students won First Prize, three won Second Prize, and two won a Merit Award in the senior high school student competitions.
On March 7, 2015, Ms. Cheng Tingting and members of the Fine Arts Club held a student artworks show, named 'Meaning · First Stroke', displaying more than 70 pieces of art including traditional Chinese painting, propylene decorative painting, gelled decorative painting and color pencil painting.
2. Drama Club
The process of a drama performance is similar to the implementation of any project: It requires great effort to prepare the scenario, organization and allocate roles, rehearse and finally arrange and prepare the venue of the performance. Students will gain confidence in themselves and develop an outgoing and creative character. The Drama Club won the Best Team Award when it took part in the Hong Kong Shakespeare Drama Festival in 2013.
3. Band
Every year, at Midsummer Night, we will hold a "New Oriental Summer Rock Music Festival" on the lawn of the campus. This is a special stage for our students. They organize their own bands and play different musical instruments under the guidance of their teachers which makes everyone understand the concept of  "music without borders" .
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