Our curriculum system consists of compulsory courses and electives. Compulsory courses are taught to guarantee students' academic proficiency while electives are taught to develop students' potentials, personalities, and specialities. Compulsory courses include English, Chinese, History, Geography, Politics, Math (bilingual), Physics (bilingual), Chemistry (bilingual), Biology (bilingual), Music, Fine Arts, Physical Education, and Computer Studies.
There are a variety of electives, such as News and Writing, Fiber Art, Arts & Crafts, Hand Painting, Drama, a school Choir, Psychology, Social Enterprise and Social Innovation, Business and Management, American Life and Culture, Western Classical Literature, Natural Science and Species Protection, Robot and Artificial Intelligence, Safety and Personal Protection, Fundamentals of Network Technology, DI, Fundamentals of TCM.
Teaching affairs are managed in three parts:
1. English Teaching
The English Teaching & Research Team has set a goal of improving students' English and helping them make preparations for future overseas education and life.
2. Fundamental Subject Teaching
The Fundamental Subject Teaching & Research Team has set a goal of training students in respect of basic knowledge and skills. Students are taught on different levels in line with their ability from a low starting point so that they can learn knowledge in a comprehensive and systematic way.
3. Bilingual Teaching
The Bilingual Teaching & Research Team devotes itself to build an international high school bilingual course system with such contents of unified graduation examination, SAT subjects, AP, IB, and A-level examinations, which are suitable for Chinese students and up to mainstream national course standards.
AP School Approved by the College Board
Because students of Beijing Changping New Oriental Foreign Languages School excelled in the AP examination in 2012 & 2013, the school was approved to become an AP program provider (school code: 694547) by the College Board in November 2013 based on a full assessment to the school’s bilingual teaching system and faculty strength.
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