Destination Imagination

DI, or Destination Imagination, implies boundless imagination and creativity. It focuses on education and the process of creative problem solving, teamwork and collaboration with the aim of fostering these three skills: creativity, teamwork, and problem solving.

DI’s educational goals are for participants to:

·Foster creative and critical thinking;

·Learn and apply creative problem solving methods and tools;

·Develop teamwork, collaboration and leadership skills;

·Nurture research and inquiry skills, involving both creative exploration of and attention to detail;

·Apply and enhance written and verbal communication and presentation skills (both impromptu and sustained);

·Promote the recognition, demonstration and development of many and varied strengths and talents;

·Encourage competence in and enthusiasm for as well as a commitment to real-life problem solving.

On the DI contest every year, our students compete with fellow students from more than 60 countries of the world and achieve great things. They have:

·Won the first prize in the 2013-14 DI Asia-Pacific Beijing Invitational on December 20, 2013.

·Won the first prize in the DI China Final on December 4, 2012.

·Won two first prizes, one second prize, and one third prize in the DI Global Invitational Tournament in December 2014. It was qualified to take part in the 2015 Global Final.

·Won one first prize and two second prizes in the DI Global Tournament China in December 2012.

·Won one first prize and one third prize in the DI National Final in December 2011.

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