GPA Management
GPA Calculation
A cumulative grade point average is an indicator of overall academic performance. The final score is calculated by two parts: 30 points for daily performance 70 points for the midterm (25 points) and final exams (45 points)
Grading Scale
Excellent (A): 100-85; Very Good (B): 84-75; Good (C): 74-65; Pass (D): 64-55; Fail (F): 54-0
Integrity Statement
In order to protect the school’s ethical integrity and, more importantly, be responsible for our students, Beijing Changping New Oriental Foreign Language School refuses to do any modification to the GPA or even ‘polish’ the student’s work, a policy for which we have suffered great pressure. The school will not betray its principles and values simply to pursue a higher “ratio of enrolment into famous colleges” to cater to the demands of students and their parents.
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