Guidance & Counselling

Systematic Planning for Overseas Studies:

The Guidance Counsellors Office under the Teaching Administration Department, with three professional counsellors, provides admissions information and policies of overseas universities to students. The counsellors also provide guidance to students on choosing appropriate student’s association, participating in social practice activities, planning for standardized examinations and choosing suitable courses

Grade 9 (Grade 3 in junior high school)

We help students to strengthen their problem-solving and thinking capabilities. Before the semester begins, we will invite students’ parents to visit us and discuss the potentials, advantages and career development of their children with them. We also encourage students to participate in school club activities and social practice courses, help them to choose the subject they are most good at, and provide individualized instructions to each student.

Grade 10 (Grade 1 in senior high school)

We encourage students to attend optional courses, school club activities, share their experience with each other in English, and help them to understand their advantages and choose the most suitable major in universities. We encourage students to participate in social practice activities on a continual basis and enhance their comprehensive qualities.

Grade 11 (Grade 2 in senior high school)

We focus on strengthening the research ability of our students. Based on the advantages of New Oriental Education & Technology Group, we cooperate with several renowned enterprises at home and abroad, and provide a diversified platform of professional practice to our students. We encourage our students to participate in intern-ship programs and make a clear direction of career development, and accumulate abundant background information for studying abroad while strengthening their self-confidence and broadening their horizon.

Grade 12 (Grade 3 in senior high school)

With the support of all staff of College Counselling Office, each student will finish all the courses and standardized tests and manage a complex college application process.

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