Model United Nations

MUN is the abbreviation of Model United Nations. Based on the methods of operation and principle of UN, MUN is a conference that simulates the approaches and principle of UN and its relevant international organizations, discusses the hot issues of global community. Young students play the role of diplomats from different countries and participate in a United Nations Conference as representatives of various counties. The conference is hosted by the presidium of conference. The representatives abide the rules of conference, deliver speeches for explaining the point of view of their own counties and debate with each other for protecting the interests of their own countries, They communicate and cooperate with countries that are friendly to them, solve conflicts together, make proposals and promote international cooperation. On the stage of United Nations, young students can give full play to their talents.

The school’s LEMUN association was established on May 29, 2012. It is made up of a Chinese Team and English Team, governing Administration Department (under which there are Liaison Section, Organization Section, and Finance Section), Academic Department, and Publicity Department. By now the association has organized or taken part in the following MUN activities: school-level student MUN debate meeting (May 2012, Jun. 2013), school-level MUN meeting (Nov. 2012, Dec. 2013), WeLand MUN Conference (Jul. 2012, Jul. 2013), Tsinghua Dream National Middle School Student MUN Conference (Jul. 2012), Hangzhou Foreign Languages School National Middle School Student MUN Conference (Oct. 2012), Harvard MUN China Meeting (Mar. 2013, Mar. 2014), Beijing Zhongguancun MUN Conference (May 2013), Ivy League MUN China Conference (Dec. 2013), and Peking University National Middle School Student MUN Conference (Mar. 2014). It has won many awards, including Best Representative of National Conference. Currently, LEMUN has more than 30 active members, who mainly come from senior high school students in the first and second academic year. It has invited peers all over China to hold LEMUN Regional MUN Conference at Dongtuo Village in this June.

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