Our Faculty

A.Department Chair(s)

Guo, Yichen, Assistant Director of Teaching Administration Department, M.A. in Finance of Macquarie University;

Yin, Minghe, Director of Moral Education Office, B.A., Shandong University, 34-year teaching experience;

Du, Minglei, Assistant Director of Moral Education Office, M.A Mathematics Education, Hebei Normal University.

B.Foreign Teachers

David James Bell, English, B.A. and M.A. in History, Lancaster University, UK and Newcastle University, UK;

Andrew Scott, Mathematics, B.A. in Mathematics, Metropolitan State University;

John Fong, Chemistry, B.A. in Chemistry, University of California-Berkeley;

David Jennings, English and American Culture and Literature, B.S. in Computer Science;

Matthew Lee, English, B.A. in Law, University of Sheffield.


Zizhen Liu: AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, Regular Mathematics; M.S. in Statistics of Columbia University;

Li Zhou: AP Biology, Regular Biology; M.S. in Biology of Southwest China Normal University;

Mingming Jin: AP Chemistry, Regular Chemistry; M.S. in Chemical Engineering and Techniques of Tsinghua University;

Aiyan Gan: AP Physics C-Mechanics, AP Physics-B, Regular Physics; M.S. in E.E. Engineering of University of Edinburgh;

Manxiang Xie: AP Macro-economic, Regular Mathematics; M.A. in Economics of University of Texas-Austin; B.S. in Economics& Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (Double Major) of Renmin University of China;

Yu Guan: AP Physics-C-Mechanics, AP Physics-C- Electromagnetics, AP Physics B, Regular Physics; M.A. of Education Management of Beijing Normal University;

Zhen Zhang: AP Biology, Regular Biology; M.S. in Biology of Tianjin Normal University;

Jianxia Liu: AP Calculus; M.S. in Probability and Mathematical statistics of Northwest Normal University;

Liyuan Geng: AP Chemistry; M.S. in Chemical Engineering and Techniques of Beijing University of Chemical Technology;

Rongxiang Qu: AP Chemistry, Regular Chemistry; B.S. in Chemistry of Capital Normal University;

Qiang Liu: Regular Physics; B.S. in Physics of Xinjiang Normal University;

Zhiqiang Yang: AP Computer A; B.S. in Computer Science of Beijing Administration Institute;

Taifeng Lin: AP Calculus, AP Economics, AP Statistics, Regular Mathematics; M.S. in Applied Probability and Statistics of National University of Singapore;

Weizheng Wang: Regular Physics; B.A. in Physics of Agricultural University of Hebei Province;

Lili Wang: English, M.A. in Applied Linguistics and English Education, University of Durham;

Keyi Wang: English, M.A. in Law and International Relations, Peking University;

Ying Chen: English, M.A. in Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics;

Cheng Lu: English, M.S.E. in TESOL, University of Pennsylvania; B.A. (Double Major) in English Linguistics& Literature and Business Administration, Zhejiang University;

Jing Cheng: English, M.A. in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, Central University for Nationalities; B.A. in English, China University of Geosciences;

Yali Han: English, B.A. in English, Chongqing Yangtze Normal University;

Zhiyan Liu: English, B.A. in English, Normal University;

Caixian Qiao: English, M.A. in English Language and Literature, China Mining University;

Zuolei Yin: English, M.A. in Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics; B.A. in Foreign Literature, Shandong University;

Jianyao Shao: English, B.A. in English Education, Jiangxi Normal University;

Tingting Cheng: Fine Arts, B.A. in Fine Art Education, Harbin Normal University;

Yandi Ma: Music, B.A. in Music Education, Harbin Normal University;

Chengyong Yi: P.E., B.A. in Physical Education, Guangzhou Sport University;

Lizhi Zhang: P.E., M.A. in Physical Education, Capital University of Physical Education and Sports;

Lina Dong: P.E., B.A. in Physical Education, Beijing Sport University;

Mu Zhu: Chinese, M.A. in Education, Beijing Language and Culture University;

Zhong Ren: Chinese, B.A. in Comparative Literature, Capital Normal University;

Shuhui Liu: Chinese, B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature, Beijing Normal University;

Chunguang Zhao: Geography, B.S. in Geography, Harbin College;

Weihan Zhao: History, M.A. in History, Shanghai Normal University.

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