Our History

Founded by the New Oriental Education & Technology Group, Beijing Changping New Oriental Foreign Language School is a full-time boarding high school that offers a bilingual teaching system. Our school aims to help Chinese students to maintain their advantages in natural science and enrich their humanistic qualities at the same time. The school is located in Changping District of Beiijng, near Shahe Higher Education Zone. The school is located in a region rich in culture and academia atmosphere with convenient transportation and a pleasant environment, which is a good place for learning and self-cultivation. Beijing Changping New Oriental Foreign Language School took the advantages of traditional Chinese education and adopted a bilingual teaching in both Chinese and English. It integrated Eastern educational resources with those of the West and took diversified teaching approaches. The school aims to nurture talents who are familiar with both Chinese and Western culture and have global vision, and could fulfil the mission of cultural exchange between China and foreign countries. After graduation, students can directly apply for universities in the United States. Some students would also study in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other foreign countries. Beijing Changping New Oriental Foreign Language School began to enroll students in autumn, 2010. Currently, we have grades 9-12 with nearly 500 students on campus. We use a small-class teaching pattern, with 20-25 students in each class. In this way, the teachers would pay sufficient attention to every student. We have made high standards in teaching. Our purpose is to build a first-rate international brand of basic education in China with our brand-new concept, first-class teaching facilities and high-quality resources. With sophisticated organizational structure, clear segregation of duties, a scientific management team, first-class faculty members and beautiful learning environment, we provide all-round training on IQ, EQ and FQ to students who are enthusiastic to study abroad, and help them to enhance their quality as international talents, including leadership, creativity, capability of thinking and debating, social skill and ability to execute.

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