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Morning dear teachers and fellow students:

Black Mamba is a deadly poisonous snake, who also get this name? Kobe Bryant, a great basketball player who just retired last month. Because once he entered the court, he was unstoppable, like the black mamba.   

KOBE now is 38 years old, he had been injured a lot of times during his career. When that moment happened, he would look at himself in the mirror , "said Bryant , what are you gonna do? he knows many people who couldn’t come back after the injury. But he managed to get a full recovery back on the court everytime.  

To seize every opportunity to prove yourself to everyone , to prove that you can meet the challenge, to those who say you can never succeed , someone players who suffer from severe injury might quit. but Kobe never did. he have to prove it to them , especially to his fans who give him infinite love and support. He always knows how to push the limits. The importance of these scars is reflected in here. As a player, he was born with a passion to succeed , he want to win. But also the most important thing in life, he thinks the biggest challenge is to bring individuals into a team. and this is what exactly his passion about .  

For us, it is more important to maintain a constant curiosity towards things , like how to do things better, how to improve the skills , how to learned from others . In fact, we should look for factors that inspire us from all aspects , not just from the of Michael Jordan , Magician Johnson, but also from Michael Jackson , Beethoven, da Vinci, Bruce Lee. These are the remarkable people who gave us great motivation, and this is also the spirit of the black mamba. It is not Not that you have to constantly attack others , but to never stop you from moving forward . Learning is a life-long process, so it is extremely important to keep learning . You have to keep learning , study and study again ,to talk people , to understand , to learn, and not to feel that you know everything . This the only way you can become a better person, Finally, there will be a by-product , that is become a champion , become the winner. For us, this is the spirit of the black mamba, whatever you want to do, to become a basketball player , a writer, a musician, a TV host. no matter what your dream is , no dream is too big, and no dreamer is too small. It’s not your background that defines who you are. It’s your choices that defines who you are, and your dream is your choices. Thank you.


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