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       Hello everybody,today, I wanna talk about dream chasing. If you don’t have a dream please find one first. YES. We have to have a dream first and then no matter how difficult the way is, we should never give up.

       A few days ago, Leonardo DiCaprio, the Jack with Rose one, was nominated by Oscar, the fifth time and he finally got the Award. 1994, the first time he was nominated, till now, 22 years, such a long time, he had been nominated four times before. But till 2016, the fifth time he finally got the one. Each time, everybody thought he would get the Academy Award, while he didn’t. When his fans felt sorry for him, he had been starring in a new movie. There is no doubt that he deserved it. He made it. However, when we feel happy for him, we need to review what he has done for his dream. The Revenant, in which he starred as Hugh Class, a hunter. He challenged himself, including, fighting with wild bears and other animals, and the most difficult one is eating raw meat. He is a vegan, but he had to eat beef liver or fish without cooking. Can’t you imagine the situation? He made it in order to present the wonderful performance in the movie. He knew he had to conquer those so called difficulties. Martin Scorsese said, Leonardo has always been self-motivated, he knows how to use expressions and how to use his body. At the same time, he is a passionate student and he never stops learning in his life. At last, I want to thank him because he uses his persistence and experiences to tell us chasing dream can be proud of but the condition is never giving up. As he said, he didn’t take that night for granted. He tried and he succeeded.


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